Speed Boat Tours Kotor offers a unique experience where every moment is an opportunity to connect with Montenegro's rich coastal life. Starting from Kotor, our state-of-the-art speedboat serves as your gateway to a journey filled with discovery and excitement.

Set sail on a thrilling speed boat tour trough the Bay of Kotor.

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I. Blue Cave - Approximately 3 Hours

Embark on a journey that beautifully blends culture, history, and nature.
Kotor - Lady of the Rocks - Submarine tunnels - Blue Cave - Kotor
Blue Cave Departure Times: 8:30 AM | 11:30 AM | 2:30 PM
Price: 45 euro per person*

Our first stop

The picturesque village of Perast, offers a glimpse into the area's baroque architecture and impressive maritime heritage. As we navigate the calm waters, the scenic beauty and historical ambiance of Perast set the stage for an enriching experience.

Perast Speed Boat Tours Kotor By Good Hope Tours 7

Continue your adventure with speed boat tours Kotor experience

as we approach the Lady of the Rocks, an intriguing man-made island with a storied church at its heart. This site, steeped in local lore and adorned with votive art, provides a unique insight into the cultural fabric of the bay.

Lady Of The Rocks Speed Boat Tours Kotor By Goodhopetours 8

After a 20-minute break

our journey takes us into the outer bay. Delving into more modern history, we'll explore the secretive submarine tunnels, remnants of a bygone communist era that offer a fascinating peek into the strategic military history of the region.

The journey reaches its zenith at the Blue Cave

The Blue Cave, where the interplay of light and opal blue water creates an ethereal experience and makes it the highlight of the tour.

Blue Cave Speed Boat Tours Kotor By Good Hope Tours 2

As we circle back to Kotor

the experiences of the day will merge into a mosaic uniquely yours, made of scenic beauty, historical intrigue, and the simple joy of being at sea. With pristine boats and experienced skippers, your comfort is assured, allowing you to fully immerse in the beauty of the Bay of Kotor.

This speed boat tour is more than excursion

it's an invitation to witness the bay's wonders, from its serene villages and historical landmarks to its natural splendours and an opportunity to do good to our community. Join us to explore, unwind, and make lasting memories in the heart of Montenegro's coastal Eden

II. Sunset Perast, Unesco Site - Approximately 2 Hours

Discover the heart of Montenegro's coast with its charming streets and scenic splendor.
Kotor - Lady of the Rocks - Perast - Kotor
Departure after 6:00 PM
Price: 25 euro per person*

Why not treat yourself with a romantic sunset tour? And not just anywhere but here in Boka Bay - one of 30 most beautiful bays of the world!

Our relaxing boat ride from Kotor to Perast will give you captivating sights of unique, story inspiring, karst mountains and centuries old houses and palaces. A perfect chance to let go of your worries and breathe in these sights.


After 25 minutes of opportunities to gather new memories, we arrive at our destination - Perast. Here you will have a chance to see first hand why it is considered to be one of most beautiful baroque settlements in the eastern Adriatic.

You will have 1 hour to wander through its windy streets, have a swim at the local beach or perhaps, sit down in one of its many seaside bars or restaurants to enjoy a glass of wine.

We will wrap up our experience with a cruise back from Kotor during which you can reflect on the moments you spent here or ask our skipper any questions about a particular sight you've seen.


  • Free of charge for infants. Children up to 7 years get a 50% discount.
  • The minimum number of people required for a group departure is 7. Note that this includes bookings through other sources.
  • Due to the popularity of the sites we visit, our group tours leave at fixed times, giving you the best chance to avoid big crowds.
  • In case of severe weather or rough seas, we reserve the right to cancel the excursion and provide you a with a full refund.

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