Private Speed Boat Tours Kotor allows you to kick off your tailor-made exploration of the Bay of Kotor right from your chosen starting point. At Good Hope Tours, we empower you to craft an exceptional day on the water that's as distinct as your interests.

Explore the Bay of Kotor on Your Terms with Good Hope Tours.

Design Your Own Itinerary

Embrace the flexibility to customize your journey. Spend extra time swimming in serene waters, choose to bypass well-known sites, or venture into hidden nooks only accessible by a private tour.

Our Suggestions for Your Private Speed Boat Tours

The Blue Cave Private Tour - A Customer Favorite

Embark on our best-selling tour and experience the stunning blue waters and tranquil beauty of Montenegro's coast. Perfect for those seeking an intimate and memorable adventure.

Duration: Approximately 3 Hours
Price: 450EUR

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Expert Navigation and Tips by Speed Boat Tours Kotor

Our seasoned skippers are at your disposal, offering customized advice to match your curiosity. Be it secluded shorelines, authentic restaurants, or historical gems, they'll steer your adventure to align with what excites you most.

A day crafted just for you

With Good Hope Tours, your day on the water is an open canvas. Whether it's soaking up tranquillity, delving into the bay's culture, or a blend of both, we're dedicated to turning your ideal day in the Bay of Kotor into reality.

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Set Sail on Your Tailor-Made Journey

Depart from your selected spot with Good Hope Tours, where your preferences set the course, enhanced by the expertise of our adept skippers. Your unique exploration of the Bay of Kotor awaits.

Private Speed Boat Tours Kotor

Make an impact

Embarking on a tour with Good Hope Tours does more than unveil the beauty of the Bay of Kotor, it also contributes to a greater good. Like with all of our tours, a part of the proceeds goes towards aiding local communities in need, transforming your adventure into an act of kindness. As you discover Montenegro's treasures, you're simultaneously making a positive impact, blending exploration with compassion.

Prepare to indulge in the ultimate luxury adventure!

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