Zanjice (Tito’s beach)

Boka Bay has plenty of unique and beautiful beaches but if you would love to experience a day at the beach, looking out to the azure Adriatic Sea, then Zanjice beach is the perfect option for you.

It takes around 1 hour of boat ride from Kotor to get there but it is so well worth it. In addition to the pebble beach, lots of sunshine, plenty of restaurants and bars, this beach is also called “Presidential Beach” because it was chosen by Tito, the president of former Yugoslavia, to be his private beach. If it was suitable for him, then surely it speaks volumes about its beauty. The best way to get there is by boat and not just because of the thrilling experience of seeing the whole of Boka Bay but because the magnificent Blue Cave is located just 10 minutes away. It is accessible only by boat so if you would like to see the best of natural beauties in and around the Bay of Boka, we strongly recommend making a stop at Zanjice beach.