Underwater wine tasting in Boka Bay

Underwater wine tasting in Boka Bay

Underwater wine tasting? Really, when was the last time you had a chance to try out something like this? Or have you heard about it at all? In either case, this stands out as a unique experience and a hidden gem in Boka Bay.

To try out this unique tasting experience, you will not need scuba diving equipment, just your curiosity and a speed boat. It takes about 20 minutes to get there by boat, if you leave from Kotor. You really have to watch out, as you can easily miss this hidden gem. The idea of the owners was to create a small oasis, out of the way of the masses, where you can sit back and take in the sights and the experience in peace.

It is called underwater wine because of the unique way how it’s kept. Unlike traditional wines that are kept in the cellar on land, these wines are kept on the bottom of the sea. This method of ageing the wines give them certain properties. If you are curious to learn more about it, the owners will be more than happy to explain the whole process to you.

The experience takes place on a covered raft, just a little off the shore, that’s why it’s best to get there by a speed boat. There are no big towns nearby, just the sea, good company, and excellent traditional wines. You can choose between different sorts but also, if you want to pair it with some local food, you have an opportunity to do so. You can choose between local fish, a traditional platter, bruschettas, shrimps, mussels or even sea urchins.

Since you are on a raft that’s on the sea, you can also choose to either put your feet in the water or even take a swim! It is a great stop if you want to try out something different or if you are looking for a place to recap you day of adventuring with a bottle of wine. You come for the underwater wine but you stay because of the experience.